Bretonnian Trebuchet on scenic base

My Bretonnian Trebuchet has been with me for a long time: it was the first big kit I added to my army battallion at the start of 2006. It’s been painted twice since then, with this being the third and hopefully final time.

Bretonnian Trebuchet - old

I found a picture of the way it used to look the first time. I still remember the colours I used: Elf Flesh, Bestial Brown, Snakebite Leather, Midnight Blue and Chainmail. I didn’t have any other Games Workshop paints. The black, white, green and orange from the carrot were painted with (very) cheap craftstore paints, and the purple? Revell enamel. It killed my paintbrush.

When I got better at painting I wanted to give the model a second chance. I stripped most of the paint by dipping a toothbrush into acetone. I didn’t want to leave it to soak, because it had been a pain to assemble this model and I was afraid the glue and greenstuff that held it together would break off. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of how it looked then.

A few years later, the glue and greenstuff globs gave up, and the second version fell apart. Well, third time’s the charm they say. I stripped the model completely clean this time, and re-assembled it with pinning and a Dremel. All the bits still don’t fit perfectly, but it holds. I also created a scenic base for it. It’s made of mdf and filled with air-drying DAS clay. Now that I discovered milliput I should’ve used that for a smoother result, but this doesn’t look half bad either.

One of the crewmembers ended up missing after a tournament at a local store. I probably forgot to pack him up after we finished and only found out two weeks later when playing a battle against my friend. Since the army book gave them a crew of four I promoted the slingshot kid to his own base. He looks a bit like a young Ramsay Bolton, so I gave him a skinned rabbit. All in all, it was a fun job to tackle this miniature again.


Door Angie

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  1. What a great piece. I have two in my army – neither as well painted as your ’third and final’ one.

  2. Hoi,
    Ik had deze al een tijdje niet gezien, ze zijn heel mooi !


  3. Ha, I love seeing people’s “then and now” photos of the same piece. Painting it three times is unusual, I think. But for a trebuchet, worth it. Nothing like launching flaming, plague-infected dead Volkswagens at your enemy from a quarter mile away (even if only in small scale).

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