I painted up some Reaper Bones Skeletons. Their bases and shields are inspired by TES: Morrowind. I wanted the skeletons to look as if they could fit both in the Elder Scrolls universe and stand by themselves as generic undead.

The skeletons were nice to paint and photograph – the bone fiend was a tad harder. The model is fairly undefined (the skulls don’t have jaws and are blobby) and even though I bent it upwards it still hangs forward. I relied on a lot of contrast to pick out the details but I couldn’t get the lighting right while photographing.

Like all bones, the skeletons are a bit thick but paint up nicely. Most of their detail comes out well enough in the bones material: scaled armour and belts for example are easy to pick out. If you’re thinking about picking up the bone fiend model to paint I’d skip it and look for something else, like the metal version from Reaper or from Warmachine/Horde.

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  1. I am considering getting some reaper skeletons too! So far I quite like the reaper minis I’ve gotten. It’s mostly giants and monsters though, so I am a bit scared of working with fragile small bones from reaper bones. What do you think about the durability and stability of the bones material for skeletons?

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