No airbrush. One Start Collecting box for Tzeentch. Two weeks of painting. Why did I decide to do this again? Oh, right, because I wanted to see if I could do this.

I started my journey by assembling the Start Collecting box. The Tzeentch version of the box is filled with quite a lot of units: 10 Pink Horrors, 3 Screamers, 3 Flamers and one Chariot. The chariot can be built with an Exalted Flamer on top, or with a Herald, so you have one extra model spare. I also saw some super creative conversions of the chariot around online, splitting it in even more parts to add an extra two Screamers, a Herald on foot or Disc, an Exalted Glamer and using the Blue Horrors that’s also included in the kit to convert the Blue Scribes. To make the most out of the kit, I decided to magnetize the Chariot.

On the photos above you can see the chariot being in progress of being painted, the chariot in all it’s parts and the chariot assembled with a herald. You can see I kept some more parts loose while painting that I glued on later.

Starting from the top left  on the first photo you see the Exalted Flamer. I kept his arms loose from his body while painting so I had full reach of the flames. The flamer has two magnets in his lower body. The flamer rests on one of the small, oval Shattered Dominion bases. The bottom of the flamer body is made for the disc, so it curves a little. On the bottom of the base there’s a small lump of green stuff that’s shaped to his body in which two more magnets are hidden. This way the flamer can easily click on and off the base.

Next up are the chariot Screamers.  I thought about magnetizing them but I decided against it. Because I’ll mostly use the Chariot with a herald I choose the magic wave instead of the fire wave as the Chariot’s bottom. I glued the Screamers to the wave of magic they belong to and then painted the three parts of magic wave separately. The magic wave in the middle has a small nub where one of the discs can fit into. I replaced the nub with a magnet.

The way the Chariot kit fits together is that you choose one of the two discs and glue it inside the large disc edge. Then you attach the large disc to the nub in the magic wave. This was the most interesting part of magnetizing, because the disc edge doesn’t actually rest on any parts of the model! I ended up leaving two bits of sprue on the disc edge and added magnets to them. I fortified both pieces at the bottom with greenstuff and superglue. The two small discs had enough space at their bottom to add two magnets to each so they can click inside the disc edge. A large magnet in the middle of the bottom connects to the magnet on the magic wave.

On top of the discs I added magnets for the models to ride the discs. The discs with the large eye in the middle has two magnets for the Screamer and the disc with the elaborate metalwork has one magnet. The herald comes with his toes moulded either on a disc, or on a gout of flame if he is fielded on foot. To ensure the herald could fit on all bases, I added a magnet in his foot and resculpted a heel around it with some greenstuff. The magnet rests on the magnet in the disc and a slight bit of greenstuff work allows his other foot to rest snugly against either of the two bases. To build the maximum amount of options, I grabbed the magic flame of the chariot I hadn’t used so far and switched the nub out with another magnet. If I want, I can field the Herald on foot, on Disc or on a Chariot!

Finally came basing. For the Chariot base, I used the Shattered Dominion Large Basing Kit, for the Herald on foot, the Exalted Flamer and the Blue Horrors the earlier mentioned Shattered Dominion base and for the Herald on Disc I used one of Micro Art Studio’s Arcane Bases. I wanted to decorate the Chariot base. Some of the books are made by myself with some green stuff and balsa wood and the more ornate ones come from Wargame Exclusive.

The chariot definitely took the most work when it came to the models in the kit, but I think it ended up a real eye-catcher. Turns out, even Warhammer Official thought so, as they posted my chariot on their official Instagram!

Door Angie