Ephemerula, Magister of Tzeentch

Oh no! It’s been more then a month since I last updated my blog here. I could give you all kinds of excuses, but the truth is so strange you might not believe it: I got myself caught up in the ever-shifting, constantly changing realms of Tzeentch! Alas, I’ve barely escaped and now it’s time to write a bit about the journey.

Everything starts on a Saturday. January the 27th, to be exact. I was headed to the local Games Workshop to bring in a model for a painting competition: a magister of Tzeentch as a character for the Silver Tower. Here they are, meet Ephemerula and their twisted familiar, formed from the raw magics of the Silver Tower itself.


I started painting Ephemerula together with two other characters. One of these is still in progress and the other is finished as well. Ephemerula was the first. I originally started my Tzeentch army as Warriors of Chaos before the Age of Sigmar came and I had two cool heroes painted up for them: Fatemaster Fyre and Lord Beak. Since they were still on square bases, I switched them to round for AOS. Since Games Workshop doesn’t make 50mm round bases with the Shattered Dominion theme I ordered some from Micro Art Studio’s. The Arcane Bases fit in really nicely with the Shattered Dominion. The cast was very crisp and they paint up really well. The only tiny fault I could find with them is that some the lines are so deep and thin that it’s tricky to get paint in there.

I’d experimented with different colours for the Silver Tower, including a marble white, a marble blue-grey and a dark reddish brown but I settled for these: a very dark blue-grey with bright turquoise and copper. The base edges became turquoise as well. They pop incredibly well, which I think is fitting for a chaotic Tzeentch army.

Ephemerula went on a Shattered Dominion base in the same colours. The model is an old Champion of Tzeentch. Nowadays I’ll use him as either a Sorcerer of Tzeentch of a Magister of Tzeentch. The familiar doesn’t have a use in-game, but it belonged with the model and was too cool not to paint up!

Let’s go back to that saturday morning when I turned in Ephemerula. I’d been dabbling a bit with Tzeentch already, but I didn’t know that I would go down his path much, much further. How come? Well, I hadn’t quite noticed that there was a Malign Portents painting competition going on! I read the leaflet when I was in the Games Workshop and then I realized that I still had an unassembled box of Tzeentch Start Collecting Daemons. Since the theme of the competition was to assemble and paint a Start Collecting box, I thought to myself: Bingo!

There was just one problem: the deadline was on February the 10th… and it was already January 27. If I wanted to do this I had just two weeks to go!

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  1. Those are some great looking followers of Tzeentch. The base details on the disc riders especially fit in very well thematically with the Silver Tower.

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