Fel-Khorne Front View

It’s time for some Fel-Khorne to join the fray!

In an earlier post I showed some Chaos Warriors of the Cohort of the Gorequeen, my female Khorne army that is themed around heavy armour and organized ranks. In this post I’d like to show off their male counterparts: bare-chested and blood-frenzied.

The blame for creating a second Khornate army / warband lies squarely on the shoulders of the White Dwarf Magazine. They gave away a free Slaughterpriest. My initial thoughts for the twenty bloodreavers from the starter kit were “stick ‘em in a box, maybe convert them for my classic Chaos or sell them off”. The Khorgorath would be shoehorned into the female Cohort, as would a heavily converted Bloodsecrator.

Fel-Khorne Slaughterpriest

The Slaughterpriest changed that when the local GW held a painting competition where everyone painted their free model. I didn’t know what to do with him for the first day. Then I decided to take the Eredar look from World of Warcraft: red skin, bright green eyes and markings and dark armour. Fel-Khorne. I used off-white and bone to create a bit more contrast. The cracked bases and fel-green pools were taken from parts of Tanaan Jungle, a zone in WoW.

At the moment I have one Khorgorath, one Slaughterpriest and ten Bloodreavers finished. I still have ten converted reavers waiting. Three heroes will join them: the Bloodsecrator, the Bloodstoker and the Darkoath Chieftain.


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