Bretonnian Stormcast Eternal

Today I would like to show you a converted Bretonnian Stormcast Eternal. This model came free with the White Dwarf Magazine when Age of Sigmar was released, with the Stormcasts as the new flagship army. A big part of their look is formed by the golden masks they wear.

I don’t like the masks that much though. They seem a bit small and very impersonal. Since I’ve seen some pretty cool conversions floating around the web that used Bretonnian heads, I took the idea and made my own version!

I kept the paintjob rather simple: I highlighted the armor by sponging, a bit of washing and some sponging again. To make the model stand out a bit I added a freehand fleur-de-lys on his shield. I think it also ties in the model nicely with Bretonnia in the World-that-Was. For his base, I used an actual dried twig to serve as a little tree!

Door Angie